The Capital-Saratoga Region knows how to party no matter what time of year! We celebrate everything from history and food to music and art. There’s a food festival for any kind of cuisine, an outdoor concert for any type of music genre, and a festive gathering for any holiday! From the Saratoga Springs Horse Show and Adirondack Outdoorsman Show to the Capital Region Wine Festival and Maple Weekend, any visitor of any age will find an event worth celebrating when visiting the area. We are also proud of our region’s rich history and frequently commemorate the events of the past that have shaped our present and continue to build our future.

The Capital-Saratoga Region takes great pride in showcasing our local flair through the people and their products that create the colorful and unique tapestry of our communities. We believe that our flavorful farmer’s markets, eclectic garden and art shows, and artisan craft fairs showcase the very best our area has to offer! Events like the Capital District Art and Garden Show, Troy Waterfront Farmer’s Market, Albany Tulip Festival, Washington County Fiber Tour, allow visitors to discover our regional gems that can’t be found anywhere else.

Whether we’re setting off celebratory fireworks, sampling savory local delicacies or taking in toe-tapping tunes, the Capital-Saratoga Region is ready to show you an unforgettable experience. The only challenge will be fitting them all in your calendar!

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