Capoccia Wine Lounge

Our Family…
Ever since I was young I had grown up drinking my Grandparents homemade wine as long as I could remember. The smell, the sounds, the ambiance, the rich culture and passion that my family put into each batch. It was superlative. Over time at a young age; I knew I wanted to make wine my whole life in sync with my drive for business and entrepreneurship it was a no brain-er, I wanted to start a winery. My family was all in, we loved winemaking and everything that came along with it. Today we are proud to call ourselves winemakers and are all dedicated to making the best wines making our ancestors hard work and tradition pay off. Keeping our family’s tradition and work ethics we can show you the difference between “the wine industry” and our Capoccia wine culture. ~Justin Capoccia

Our History…
For generations our family has been hand crafting fine wines. With a dedication to wine making excellence brought from our family’s roots in Italy’s Lazio region, Capoccia Vineyards and Winery is the product of one family’s hard work and tradition. Wine has been a passion of ours for centuries, and now we would love to share the fruits of our labor with everyone, one bottle at a time.

Wine. The way it’s supposed to be made…
Here at Capoccia Vineyards & Winery, we believe that quality is the most important aspect in winemaking. Being a small Winery makes it easy to assure quality in every hand crafted bottle of wine we offer. Taking knowledge from the past, and combining it with modern wine making technologies makes each bottle a truly unique experience for any set of taste buds. We all take great pride in being a New York State Winery and use 100% New York State grapes to produce our excellent wines. Though it isn’t well known, New York State has just the right climate for growing wine grapes to compete with the world’s best. We produce several different varietals that include Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay and our famous Traminette. We do not believe in any chemical alterations of taste, so our wine is chemical free. Furthermore we keep every varietal 100% and DO NOT cut our grapes pressed juice with water to add volume. We even put a huge glass window in our tasting room so as you taste our wine you can see how it is being made in the winery.


508 State Street
Schenectady, NY 12305

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday