With some of the richest history in America, the Capital-Saratoga Region is a fantastic place to relive some of the most important moments in military and industrial history. You’ll marvel over the NYS Capitol’s French renaissance style architecture, and the sights of the Saratoga National Historic Park, which was the location of the first significant American military victory of the American Revolutionary War.

Visit Troy’s Oakwood Cemetery, where “Uncle Sam” Wilson is buried. Tour New York State’s first historic district, the Stockade, which is located in downtown Schenectady. Immerse yourself in Fulton County, where Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the pioneer woman suffragist, was born. Learn more about New York’s rich heritage. paththroughhistory.ny.gov

Bennington Battlefield

Bennington Battlefield State Historic Site

Bennington Battlefield State Historic Site is the location of a Revolutionary War battle between the British forces of General John Burgoyne and Colonel Friedrich Baum against …

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Burden Museum

Burden Iron Works Museum

This building was the main office for the Burden Iron Works. The iron works is long gone, but you can view a full set of exhibits about the area’s industrial heritage at the Burden Iron…

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Crailo State Historic Site

Crailo’s exhibit “A Sweet and Alien Land”: Colony of the Dutch in the Hudson River Valley, uses archaeological finds from Crailo, Fort Orange, Schuyler Flatts, and other Dutch…

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General Phillip Schuyler House

The General Phillip Schuyler House was built in 29 days in 1777. After being burned down, General Schuyler rebuilt and restored his home to much of the same condition as it was in 1777.…

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Hart-Cluett House

Hart-Cluett House/Rensselaer County Historical Society

The Rensselaer County Historical Society offers visitors many unique opportunities for learning. Our extensive object & library collections, historic buildings, and historic…

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johnson hall state

Johnson Hall State Historic Site

139 Hall Avenue, Johnstown
(518) 762-8712

Visit the 18th century home of Sir William Johnson, the largest single landowner and most influential individual in …

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Johnstown Historical Society Museum

17 North William Street, Johnstown
(518) 736-4011

Covers 300 years of local history; houses the cradle for the children of Sir William Johnson and Molly Brant, snowshoes of Nick Stoner…

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knick mansion

Knickerbocker Mansion

The Knickerbocker Mansion was built in the 1780’s by Johannes and Elizabeth Knickerbocker.  Its architecture is a rare middle age style.  The Mansion presides over the …

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